IRONBAR STUDIOS were founded 1992, starting out in a modified cellar rehearsal room in Darmstadts Liebigstrasse (at that time called “Sesamstudio”).

For 12 years equipment and clientele expanded, so 2004 a new location was found. In some kind of “fusion” with the lofthaus studios (run by Mark Ruekert, Gyso Hilger and Jan Weimann), which were also located in the Liebigstrasse rehearsal rooms, a much more comfortable studio on the Goebel-factory site near the Darmstadt central station was built. Now the Ironbar studio resides in a four-room daylit facility on about 139 square meters, and the consequent sound insulation allows a 24/7 operating of the studio (if you want to... ;-)).

The technical equipment and the room-sound have been consequently optimised as well, so that by now an extensive and professional setting is available that should be able to cope with the daily routine of recording, and moreover it can even fulfill many unusual wishes of a musicians mind. Combined with the longtime experience and musical comprehension of music lover Lolo Bluemler a big “instrument” is generated, which loves to unfold its sound for bands and musicians of varied styles and genres.

This is underlined by the big musical diversity of the customers of the IRONBAR STUDIOS.